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Deductible Business Expenses

Business Expenses – don’t we love them! In fact, many people love them so much because they think they get something for free. That’s a big mistake because business expenses still come out of the business’ pocket. Neither are they taken ‘off tax.’ Rather, it’s taxable (gross) income and revenue that are reduced by the amount of the expenses. Tax is then calculated on the smaller final amount. Another general confusion seems to persist around two different types of expenditure, Capital Expenditure and Revenue Expenditure. Capital expenditure, such as equipment, computers, machinery, fixtures and fittings, is not a deductible business expense...

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Getting the most from your business

We are committed to helping our clients build a thriving business that is a joy to run, build a happy and effective team, balance your working life with your personal life and encourage you to connect with your customers and give back to the community. Our membership with AVN, an association of over 200 forward thinking proactive accountants means that you benefit from the very latest added value resources and tools that will help to grow and develop your business. Who are AVN? AVN were named as one of the 100 most visionary businesses in the UK in the inaugural...

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